2016 International Biometric Conference (IBC2016) Gala Event – Something EXTRA Special!


2016 International Biometric Conference (IBC2016) Gala Event to be held on Thursday evening 14 July

Date: Thursday, 14 July 2016
Time: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: The Royal British Columbia (BC) Museum
Cost: $75.00 USD per person (includes entrance to the Museum)

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You are invited and don’t want to miss the IBC2016 Gala Event to be held at The Royal BC Museum, one of Canada’s greatest cultural treasures. The Museum, founded in 1886, houses a collection of artifacts and specimens of British Columbia’s incredible natural and human history.

Located across the street from the Victoria Conference Centre and Empress Hotel, Gala attendees will have access to the entire third floor of the Museum. Here you may visit the ‘First Peoples Gallery’ as well as the ‘Modern History Gallery.’ You’ll view totem poles, a pit house, a cannery and old town (among other treasures), while enjoying an array of locally inspired food and drinks.

The Royal BC Museum is the only natural and human history museum in the province of British Columbia, with a collection of 7 million artifacts and 750,000 specimens. You’ll want to schedule your own visit to view the other galleries that won’t be accessible during the Gala. For tickets to the Museum or for more information go to http://royalbcmuseum.bc.ca

Join colleagues and friends while enjoying the sights and sounds of the Pacific Northwest. This is an evening not to be missed!